About Us

Our Vision

Bluemont Partners advises in the blockchain, cryptoasset, technology, consumer and financial industries, providing clients with industry expertise, access and mentoring to propel innovation and fuel growth.  The team is passionate about the potential for decentralized technologies to reshape business, industry and the exchange of value.  Founder Ed Maguire has two decades of tech finance and investing experience.

We believe that blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are foundational for transformative change in the nature of trust, that decentralization is a breakthrough paradigm for organizing businesses, organizations and relationships, and that cryptoassets- digital currencies and tokens – represent a fundamentally new asset class powering revolutionary changes in how value is measured and exchanged, and how great ideas and teams raise funding and build meaningful community.


Our Mission

We use our experience to help companies successfully navigate the evolving business and technology landscape.  Our network is built from leaders, operators, thinkers and innovators. Our goal is to help businesses and investors to make better informed decisions.   We focus our guidance on creatively helping businesses scale and grow.


Ed Maguire

Founder & Managing Partner

Ed is Founder and Managing Partner of Bluemont Partners. Ed brings over 17 years of Wall Street experience in Investment Banking and Equity Research with deep domain expertise in Enterprise Software. Currently, Ed is a Principal Partner at Momenta Partners,  a venture capital, advisory and executive search firm focused on Connected Industry. He is also Chief Strategy Officer for Acreto, a seed-stage IoT security company.  Previously, Ed was Senior Research Analyst and Managing Director at CLSA Americas, LLC covering the software industry, technology and innovation. Prior finance roles include Investment Banker and Research Analyst at Merrill Lynch and CIBC World Markets. Ed is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and meetups on the topics of IoT, Innovation, Big Data and frontier technologies.  He has appeared extensively in major media including CNBC, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, BNN, NPR and other outlets. Since 2012, Ed has mentored students from Rutgers Business School for the CFA Institute Research Challenge program.

Before he found his passions in technology and finance, Ed led sales for independent music distributor Twinbrook Music while working as a professional musician – performing on bass, violin and keyboards, composing, arranging and producing a variety of styles of music. He continues to write and perform music actively in the New York area.  Ed holds a BA in Music from Columbia University and received his MBA from Rutgers University in Finance and Information Systems.